Final report Nr.4-02/4-11-(4/2012) of the aircraft serious incident loss of separation during final approach between the aircraft liberty AEROSPACE XL-2, registration YL-EON and WizzAir aircraft AIRBUS A-320, registration HA-LPI, flight WZZ7BU, on 08 July 2011

Final report No.4-02/5-10/-2/2012 of the aircraft serious incident cabin de-pressurization of BOMBARDIER DHC-8-400 aircraft, registration YL-BAF, on 5 December 2010

Final report No 4-02/3-10/-2/2011 of the aircraft serious incident infringement of separation standards between the WizzAir aircraft AIRBUS A-320, registration HA-LPV, flight WZZ125H and KLM aircraft AIRBUS A-332, registraion PH-AOA, flight KLM 409, on 17 July 2010 

Final report Nr.1/2010 of the aircraft serious incident infringement of separation standards between the airBaltic aircraft BOEING 733, registration YL-BBJ, flight BTI16C and Japan Airlines aircraft BOEING 777, registration JA-733J, flight JAL 407 in the vicinity of the Point Rutek, on 31 August 2009

Final report Nr.4/2009 of the aircraft serious incident infringement of separation standards during going around between the airBaltic aircraft BOEING 737, YL-BBX, flight BTI3G2 and departing aircraft SMARTLYNX AIRBUS A-320, YL-LCD, flight ART531 in the terminal control area of Riga International Airport, on 13 February 2009 

Final report Nr. 3/2009 of the serious incident to BOEING 737-500 aircraft, registration YL-BBE OF S/C "Air Baltic corporation" flight BT-662, on 31 December 2008 at Dublin

Infringement of separation standards between the Finnair aircraft Embraer 190 OH-LKG, flight FIN912 and military Swedforce aircraft G4, call sign SVF 22 over the Baltic Sea near reporting point on request Evona (n57:09:54; e019:55:29) in the vicinity of Liepāja, on 28 May 2008

Final report No. 5/2008

Infringement of separation standards between the airBaltic corporation Boeing 757-200 YL-BDC, flight BTI65T and virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus a340-600 G-VBLU, flight VIR301 over the sea in the vicinity of Liepāja (n56:31:07; e021:05:31), on 21 April 2008

Final report No. 2/2008

Final report No.1/2008 of the aircraft serious incident

Final report No. 1/2008

On the serious incident to Fokker 27-50 aircraft, registration  YL-BAW of  S/C ,,Air Baltic Corporation’’  flight BT- 443, on 18 May 2006 at Helsinki

Report On The Serious Aviation Incident To The Netherlands Manufactured Aircraft Fokker – 50 Of ,,air Baltic” Airlines Yl-bas On November 25, 2005

Final report No. 1/2006

Final report of the serious incident ,,Tyrolean Airways” with aircraft Fokker  F28  Mk100 ,,OE-LVI”, on 19 May 2005

Final report of the investigation into the cause of the serious incident with ,,Kescobermuda’’ limited aircradt ,,Raytheon 390 Premier 1’’, VP-BAE, on 25 January 2005 at Ventspils International Airport